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In Praise of Vellum

I’ve been using Vellum to produce my ebooks for nearly a year now. I *love* this program! It’s simple to use, efficient, and produces beautifully formatted books. One of my favorite features is that it creates different versions for each of the distributors you sell through. This means that the cover art is always the correct site for the vendor, and more importantly to me, my list of “also by” titles are linked appropriately to each site.

For example, if a reader has purchased my book through Amazon, all the links to my other titles are Amazon links! If they bought via Kobo, then the links are to the Kobo site. All with no additional effort on my part! I love it!

And my “also by” page can be dragged and dropped into a new file, so I only have to set up the links once. How awesome is that feature alone?

So when I heard that Vellum was releasing a version that would produce PRINT versions of my titles, I jumped at the opportunity to upgrade. I haven’t been disappointed! So far, I’ve put 4 titles into print. Easily and effortlessly. Vellum created the interior PDF at the same time it generated my ebook files. And each of those PDFs went into CreateSpace without a single comment. I spent way more time getting the cover art properly formatted, than I did the interiors.

Now, I haven’t seen the proof copies yet (they should arrive this week), but I don’t expect any issues with the interiors. The covers are my only question. Unfortunately, Vellum doesn’t create the full-spread cover for me. I’m still using InDesign for that task. But once I get that dialed in, I’ll be home free!

Coming soon to a distributor near you: refreshed versions of Sorcha and her Children, including new, professionally designed covers and PRINT!!

I can hardly wait 😀

Books: Digital vs Print – What’s Your Preference?

I write ebooks, but I read voraciously…and always have done. Hence I have bookshelves full of paperbacks I’ll never part with. They’re old friends. How could I part with them? I might want to read them again someday.

But…I write ebooks. Shouldn’t I join the digital age, scrap my print versions, and load up an e-reader?


I will admit to being an early adapter for ebooks. I owned the original Rocket eBook Reader. Compared to today’s models it was huge, heavy, clunky, and required specific formatting, but it was the wave of the future, and I was happy to be along for the ride. I’ve owned several e-readers since that early model, but I’ve never given up my print books. Indeed, I’ve always harbored a preference for print.

Until recently.

My husband and I were discussing this the other night and I suddenly realized that I’d reached my tipping point. I now not only prefer ebooks, I actually avoid print. Wow! What a change!

I have several print books sitting on my bedside table. They’re by authors I enjoy, in series that I’ve searched for, and yet they sit unread. Why? Because I prefer to read on my iPad Mini. It’s lighter than a book, easier to hold, the typeface is adjustable, as is the backlight. I can flip back and forth through multiple books at the touch of a finger, and I don’t have to carry a small suitcase in order to have them all with me.

Yep. I’ve crossed the line. I’m now fully in the digital age.

My husband is still clinging to print, but I see him eyeing my Mini and wonder how long it will be before he finds the tablet / reader that suits his style and finds his own tipping point?

Mind you, I have no intention of tossing all those old-favorite print books, but I’m no longer adding to their number on a weekly basis.

How about you? Are you a digital reader, a print-aholic, or are you straddling the fence trying to find a comfortable seat?

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