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We’re shutting down

We’ve been running this blog as a shared enterprise for a couple of years now, and you might have noticed a lack of enthusiasm. That doesn’t have anything to do with you, our beloved readers. No, it’s entirely due to life exploding all around us. Some of us were hit by illness and took time to recover, others have become way too busy for one person, and others yet had significant changes in their job or personal life.

And then came the EU decision to protect the data of Internet users better than before, an idea highly anticipated by most Germans (at least the ones like me) and at the same time highly feared. And we were right … with both.

I, the one responsible for this blog, very much applaud the new law, effective from May 25th onward, that protects the rights of every little Internet user all over the world. However, the EU hasn’t figured out many details yet which means I’ll have to research and adjust all the blogs/websites I run and help to run (and I’ve got a lot of those) for an undetermined time period. Also they require an insane amount of paper work to prove that my websites are compliant. Naturally I’m trying to minimize my work.

And that, unfortunately, means I’ll have to delete this blog before May 25th.

Of course you can simply follow us on our own websites/blogs, social media accounts and so one. Here’s a list:

Katharina Gerlach
William L. Hahn
Debbie Mumford/Deb Logan
Sue Santore
Peter Cruikshank
Kristen S. Walker

All of us would be delighted to meet you there, and my site (and Will’s too since I’m webmaster there) at least will be 100% compliant with the new law before the deadline.

Thank you for reading and for staying with us this long.

The Independent Bookworm Crew

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