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to valentine or not to valentine

v-day muse partyI’m not very romantic at all. That might come as a surprise to those who know that I’ve been true to one guy since my 17th year in RealLife(TM). So, maybe I am romantic after all and my definition just doesn’t fit. Hmmm. I need to think about that some time soon.

For now, I decided to participate in a Valentine/Anti-Valentine bloghop to present to you the love of my life (no, not my husband. Didn’t you listen? I’ve only had him since I was 16 and 3/4. It’s my Muse I’m talking about — the one entity that has been with me since I found my consciousness and probably will be with me [I pray daily that I won’t get Alzheimer’s or something similar] until I die).

Here is my Muse and the answers we came up with for the bloghop. Enjoy, and leave comments if you have questions. And if you feel like it, please visit the other participants and read their answers.

1. Who did you bring to the party? Is he/she your Valentine or anti-Valentine?

My Muse – Valentine (most definitely). She’s the best Valentine ever despite being a same gender as me. We’re a pair but not lovers if you understand what I mean. 😀

2. Which one of you is the more romantic person?

Oh, that’s me, says my Muse, and she’s right. My idea of a romantic gift is a new pair of jeans for my husband. I prefer the practical.

3. What gift are you giving to your (anti) Valentine?

Hmmm, that’s a hard one. How about some more writing time?
That’d be fun. I so love to play with your emotions.
Stop messing with them.
Nah… your stories would be boring without, and you owe it all to me, right?
Opps, I think we sound a little …  strange? … crazy!

4. Are you guys wearing red or pink (or black…)? 

green — yes, green is best for both of us. It makes us look less bulky.

5. Did you bring any Valentine’s Day treats? 

Chocolate pips. They’re our favorites (yummy) but a little bitter, so it’s not for everyone.

6. Name a song for our Love Playlist or Anti-Love Playlist (or both)! 

Weißt du denn gar nicht, wie schön du bist – Sarah Connor:

7. Got a great anti/Valentine party game? 

Nope. We’re both not very keen on playing.
Unless it’s in one of our books. We’ve got so much fun with your characters, don’t we?

8. Feeling the love or just feeling nauseous? How will you have fun at the party?

I think we’ll sit in the corner for a while and discuss…
the next scene of that novelette where they swap the queens.
That novelette isn’t due before 2017. We’ve got to publish John & Marge (Hänsel & Gretel), The Challenge (The Cold heart), Bellarosa (Sleeping Beauty), and Flight (The 7 Swans) first.
Coward. It’s just because you don’t like to write about wars, but I’ve (muffled sounds)
Ok, back to the questions…

9. Has your muse been a good Valentine? 

Mostly – stern glance – but it’s always dangerous to let her off the leash, although it’s also very, very stimulating. I think I’ll now need to go and find out about that war. Have a good day… (turns and walks away)
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On Writing…The Habit of Putting Words on the Page

For the past few years I’ve begun each year writing short stories for an anthology workshop. Those of us participating spend six weeks writing a story a week. We’re given a theme on Monday morning and the story must be submitted by midnight the following Sunday.

The first year, the schedule terrified me. What if I couldn’t come up with an idea and get it written within the allotted time? Aaaggghhh! But I managed to meet each deadline and even sold one of the stories! (Two more eventually sold to other venues.)

Last year I succeeded in writing all six stories again and this time sold two to the anthologies they were written for…and sold two others later to other venues. Not bad!

But the problem came after the writing. Once we finished writing our own stories, we were asked to read all the others in order to prepare for the workshop. Now, this is an awesome opportunity! To get to read all those professional level short stories? Absolute coolness! Unfortunately, in order to accomplish all the required reading AND continue to live my normal work-a-day + family life, the awesome writing habit I’d established fell by the wayside. Both years!

THIS year, I’m determined to change that outcome. I’ve completed my six stories for this year’s workshop and am now deep into the reading phase. However, this year I’m making time to continue the story-a-week habit I’ve begun.

I’m proud to say that I finished a flash fiction story yesterday…and then read another bunch of amazing stories by my fellow workshoppers!

I’m 5 stories for 5 weeks so far in 2016! Wish me luck in continuing my streak. After all, while it’s great to START the New Year well, what matters is maintaining the writing habit I’ve established.

Here’s to a successful and productive 2016!

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