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Wishes coming true…

I love my family.

I love to read.

I love to write.

So, why can’t I manage to get all these under one hat? I know there are a lot of people (especially marries woman in the area where I live) who do their best to kill time. I wish they could give it to me.

Imagine what it would be like if I could use those discarded time snippets of other people to… read just one more chapter or write just one more blog post or another scene on my novel.


Truth be told, I though something like that would never happen. But then, I discovered NaNoWriMo. And all of a sudden, my very supportive husband helped me to make room for a miracle that takes an incredible amount of work but gives back to me a) a partly finished novel and b) a boost of creative energy that lasts for months.

Have you ever had the feeling that you can accomplish anything? That’s what I get out of NaNo. This is my 8th year, and I’m excited like a little child. Tell me about you. Do you have something lined up that excites you? Share it in the comments.

The Power of Fairy Tales

Fairy tales have been around for centuries, yet somehow they’ve never lost their power to enchant us. What is it about these stories that continues to capture our imaginations?
Some scholars have made attempts to dissect fairy tales down to their basic elements, labeling characters and situations as particular archetypes and distilling the whole thing down to a single plot called The Hero’s Journey. While these discussions may be interesting or even useful for some people, I find them dry. Examining a fairy tale this way takes most of the magic out of it for me.
But there is something to be said that these stories, if not perfectly universal, do have elements that many people can relate to. The longing to find someone to love, the fear of monsters in the woods, the darker emotions of greed and jealousy and hatred. In versions rewritten for children, fairy tales are molded to teach moral lessons and always end with good rewarded and evil punished. But many of the original versions of fairy tales are much darker, and sometimes even the good heroes are killed or scarred by their ordeals. It’s not surprising that fairy tales inspire not only modern children’s movies but also terrifying horror stories.
I think the thing that draws me the most to fairy tales is the otherworldly atmosphere that they create. From the moment we hear the words “once upon a time”, we know that we’re in another time and place where the normal rules don’t apply. It’s not unusual for animals to start talking or a girl to learn how to fly. We get the sense that anything could happen, and it opens the realms of imagination.
The fun thing about fairy tales is that it seems I will never run out of new stories to discover. There are always new modern retellings and imaginings of the favorites, while there are also thousands of old fairy tales and folk stories from virtually every culture in the world. There’s everything from light-hearted children’s versions to dark originals and adult-oriented new versions, and even humorous parodies. It seems they’re not going out of style any time soon, and that suits me just fine.
It’s my hope that as a writer, I can capture some of what I love about fairy tales in my own stories to inspire others. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’ve always liked “The Princess and the Glass Hill”, “Beauty and the Beast”, and “The Little Mermaid”. Do you have a favorite fairy tale?

Author Spotlight: Meredith Pritchard and Authtoberfest

October is upon us and you know what that means; fall leaves, steaming cups of coffee, tea, cocoa, sweatpants, blankets and fires, and… dead things. Ghosts and Zombies and the Apocalypse align. Droves of the undead, aka real live humans, line up to devour it all with a ferocious appetite. I’m no exception. All of my favorite books, TV shows, and movies tend to release in October. I’ve long been a fan of The Walking Dead and my love of that series has impacted my book blog Secret Life of a Townie. What began as a zombie apocalypse discussion blog has turned into a book review and author interview blog, infused with apocalyptic and zombie themes. I’ve used this platform to discuss the books I love and gather interviews from authors of all paths of publishing; debut and tenured, indie and traditional and hybrid. I usually post one interview a week, but after a surge of reaching out and getting encouraging responses from the gods of publishing, I suddenly had a handful of interviews from some of my favorite authors. I really wanted to get these interviews out into the world and I knew that during the fall my blog gets the most traffic. So what began as a scheduling conundrum turned into “Authtoberfest.”

October Author party-4

“Authtoberfest” is a month of author interviews from horror, sci-fi & fantasy authors. The questions are Halloween and Zombie themed. The authors discuss their favorite books, the ability of their fellow authors to survive the zombie apocalypse, and advice for aspiring writers. With 31 authors there are a lot of great book suggestions and some awesome tips to keep writers motivated.

The event started on October 1st with Peter Heller. Peter wrote an amazing novel, The Dog Stars, and has an impressive CV that makes me feel like I’ve done absolutely nothing with my life. He’s a super nice guy who took time out of his busy schedule to answer my emails and impart his words of wisdom upon the world.


Isaac Marion’s interview is schedule for October 9th. Isaac wrote the hilarious yet profound novel Warm Bodies, it was a major motion picture and my favorite read of 2013. My Goodreads review went a little like this: “This started off really fun, really funny, and then turned super deep. So here I sit, book finished, a bottle of wine gone, and I’m still trying to figure out what the f–k I just read…” Isaac had a ton of great tips, book suggestions, and a playlist that gave me nightmares. If you loved Warm Bodies, check out his latest release The New Hunger. Isaac Marion never disappoints.


Peter Cawdron, The Behrg, Ernie Lindsey, R. E. Carr, Nick Cole, and Josh Malerman will also be featured. Josh’s interview brought back all the scary crap from my childhood that I’ve spent the past 30 years forcing myself to forget. I had to sleep with the light on a few times after reading that interview but his thoughts are quite amazing so it was worth it. Josh’s interview posts Oct 31st. Bird Box was an amazing read, if you haven’t read it yet make sure you pick it up.


I had a wicked ton of fun preparing these interviews for everyone. Check out the author interview schedule or stop by daily. Like, comment, Tweet and share. And have a Happy Authtoberfest!

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MRPritchardM.R. Pritchard is a lifelong inhabitant of upstate NY. She lives near the shores of Lake Ontario where she spends her days reading and writing and watching the snow fall. When she is not writing she is a NICU Nurse, wife, mother, gardener, aquarist, book hoarder and science geek. M.R. Pritchard holds degrees in Biochemistry and Nursing. She likes books, coffee, and rum.

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Be sure to stop by Authtoberfest on October 15 when fantasy author Debbie Mumford (aka Deb Logan) will be the featured author!

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