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You’re late …

… seems to be my theme these days. I keep forgetting appointments, fall asleep on the sofa, stare at my manuscript unseeing, forget blogposts 😀 . All in all, I’m not happy with this. So, I decided to challenge myself.

From now on, I shall increase the amount of sports I do. Beside going Nordic Walking once or twice a week, I shall use our rowing trainer. Way back, when I met my now-husband, I was quite good at rowing. Yesterday, I barely managed 5 minutes. Therefore, I aim to get 20 minutes of rowing done by Christmas, and I’ll report here every once in a while to let you know how it goes and how much it interferes with my writing.

Anyone out there joining this challenge?

The End of Summer

maple leavesLabor Day has come and gone, signaling the end of summer. Granted, the season doesn’t officially end for another couple of weeks, but functionally, summer is over. Kids are heading back to school and adults are settling into their work-a-day worlds, thoughts of vacations and get-away weekends having been wrapped in gossamer and stored for next year’s use.

Autumn is upon us, and far from feeling nostalgic for the loss of summer’s heat and sense of possibility, I’m looking forward to crisp, cool weather, tart red apples, and a kaleidoscope of fall colors as Mother Nature changes her garb. bigleaf maple

Fresh pressed apple cider. A drive in the hills to admire the red, gold, and bronze foliage. Soft blue skies with scudding white clouds and just a breathe of chill. The honking of a chevron of geese overhead.

These are the delights of autumn and I’m looking forward to experiencing each and every one!

Farewell, Summer. You’ve been awesome. Welcome, Autumn. I’ve missed you, my favorite season, and I’m looking forward to getting reacquainted!

Getting Back in the Groove

I’m sorry that I’ve had such a long absence. I really appreciate my fellow authors of this group for being patient with me while I was gone, and for keeping the blog running. I’ll try to be more active now with writing, both blogging and stories, so look for more from me in the future.
I had eye surgery that took a long time to recover from. In fact, I’m still recovering my full vision for at least another month, and I also have to limit how much screen time I have in order to avoid eye strain and headaches. It’s been a frustrating time for me because I can’t write on my computer or read on my tablet. Electronics have been both helpful and hindering in this process because I could increase the font size to make everything easier to read, but then I could only use them for a little while at a time.
It was hard not being able to see anything or do much for several months. Although I had limited vision even immediately after the surgery, it surprised me how difficult it was to do even common tasks. For a while, I was very sensitive to light and had to wear sunglasses all of the time (even indoors, which looked strange). Later, when my vision started to recover, I still had problems with depth perception and I was cross-eyed when one eye healed faster than the other. Even just walking outside in public became difficult since I was constantly worried I was going to bump into someone else. I’m so fortunate that I only had temporary vision loss because now I can appreciate what I have even more. I can’t imagine what life is like for those people who have permanent visual impairment, partially or totally. Although there are some accommodations out there, most people do take it for granted that you can see, and I needed a lot of help to get by.
The one thing that I rediscovered during my recovery is audiobooks. I listened to a lot of books on tape as a child, but I’d stopped when I got older. I was delighted to find that audiobooks are even bigger now and easier to get with the internet, and I can load them onto my phone to listen instead of lugging around giant cases of cassette tapes. It’s a very different experience to listen to a masterful narrator read aloud a story instead of reading the words. I enjoyed closing my eyes and being transported to another world. I know some of the other authors here on IB already know the joys of audiobooks and have even produced their own, but this was new for me. Now I look forward to hearing more audiobooks.
Now that I’m recovering, it’s taking me some time to get back into writing. I have to take it slow without pushing myself too hard. I was also in a “groove” last year where I was writing and publishing new stories every month, and once I slipped out of that, it’s been tricky to get it back. I might have something new by the end of the year, but I’m not making any promises right now. Please be patient and keep an eye out for more news from me in the future. There are a few projects percolating at the moment, but it’s hard for me to estimate when they might be done.
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